Dream a little dream…

Lately I have been thinking about the power of dreaming and what circumstances allow for our thoughts to wander to a place that “could be”. When certain parts of your life become balanced like your career, your relationships, your connection to a spiritual source and you get into a wonderful routine with those elements around you, I find that a part of our mind becomes free to dream about the infinite possibilities and potential of our lives.

Mine has recently wandered to potential business ideas I would be thrilled to start one day that would electrify very cell in my body, that would make my spirit feel good, and that would ideally encompass a limitless financial platform that working for a corporation could never provide. Here are the top 5 raw business ideas that I would consider to be my ultimate passion meets career:

  1. Running a volunteer abroad organization for young adults focusing on environmental education and ecotourism
  2. Creating my own line of organic, responsible yoga/beach wear to be sold online (think lululemon meets East Asian vagabonds and Hawaiian surfers)
  3. Creating my own wellness ashram in paradise – yoga, meditation, spiritual learning, surfing, diving, cooking, art, writing – all for the purposes of promoting personal and spiritual growth
  4. Writing my own cook book which then morphs into my own cooking class taught in major metropolitan cities around the world – Asian influenced flavors with wholesome ingredients along with light, vegan/veggie recipe options
  5. Owning my own quirky yoga studio (where I would of course sell my line of clothes mentioned in #2 and would also replicate at the ashram mentioned in #3)

My wheels are turning, and I am grateful to feel that excitement about what the future really may hold. Pondering on your dreams is a powerful act in and of itself – you never know who or what the universe is bringing closer to you each and every step of the way. One day you might wake up and realize everything has fallen into place, you have met all the right people and have gained the necessary experience  and knowledge along the way to turn one of these “whims” into a true and complete reality.

Keep your minds and hearts open to the future and put these thoughts out there throughout your life. Trust me, the universe is listening.


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