Paralysis From Analysis

Quiet. The. Mind.

This is the end goal, the most direct route to happiness. Stop worrying, eliminate stress and negative thoughts, be present. While to some this may seem like a daunting task, to others it is the most simple state to achieve. What, you may ask, is the difference between these two kinds of people? Practice.

Real-Life Experience vs. Information Overload. “Paralysis from Analysis” is a situation that hits very close to home for countless people I know, including myself, whether it be in regards to their health, relationships, careers or overall happiness. It feels extremely productive reading about happiness, observing other people being “happy”, or analyzing the process of happiness: what it does biologically, what it is facilitated by, what it looks like from the outside, what it should feel like from the inside, etc. etc. etc.

But at the end of the day, those who are the true experts of self-mastery are the doers. Those who practice it in the flesh; the ones who sit, meditate and breathe into it as often as they can. At some point, we all must realize that is the only thing left to do. Use the tools that facilitate self-awareness and mindfulness like practicing yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, reciting affirmations, eliminating screen time and stimulation, to actually accomplish the goal. Focus inward, quiet the mind, acknowledge your worries and then let them go. Once you do, the quietude of your mind will speak volumes to your self-awareness. You will be on the other side of all that analysis, free from it, leaving you anything but paralyzed. You will be truly living.

A truth cannot be read in a scripture, a truth has to be lived only in the innermost temple of your being.”



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