Letter to myself on a Sunday Night

Continue to see the good, the positive, the light and the happy in everything.
Create art. Admire beauty.
Contribute to making life more alluring, intricate, colorful and exquisite.
Cook, nourish, taste, indulge.
Read, absorb, flex the muscles of your mind.
Expand your horizons from your home when travel isn’t an option.
Dive deep into someone else’s world through books, movies, intelligent shows and learn.
More importantly grow.
Walk, stretch, bend, move.
Spend time clearing your mind of unnecessary trivial details.
Make space for your own innate knowledge.
Mediate and pray for others. Be still and quiet, calm, empty.
Only fill yourself with breath and energy.
Find and connect to the love particles. Let them live and expand in your heart.
Be outside in the elements. Feel rain, wind, sun. Smell grass, immerse in water.
Live within it.
Read Gibran, Neruda, Hafiz, Rumi.
Love, love, love. Every moment, every person, every act.
Find patience, forgiveness and kindness every day.
Remember what is temporary and what is eternal.
Remember who is close. Devote to the right people and ideas.
And always, always use your heart as your compass.
Find your inner voice and let it guide you.


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